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Other Nacionalities

Initially, Consultores Internacionais was an office dedicated exclusively to work with Portuguese nationality. With the increasing demand of our clients, however, we expand our services also to include other nationalities. Nowadays, we attend clients who look forward to obtain, for example, the German nationality, the Austrian nationality, the Polish nationality, the Spanish, the Lithuanian, among many others.

We count with a team of translators and lawyers, who are specialized in processes of nationality.

How our service works?
We offer, first, an analysis of the client´s case. In case there is any document missing from the ancestor, we have researchers ready to try to find it.
If we conclude, on the basis of the documents in hand, that the client has the right to request a certain nationality, we initiate the case. From this moment on, we begin assembling the process in accordance with every country specific requirement.

The documents necessary to every case, and who is entitled to request a certain nationality varies depending on the country in view. In some cases, like the German, women only passed their German nationality to their children after 1975. Before that, German mothers only passed their nationality if they were single. For men, it was different. They were the ones responsible for the nationality that their children would have. In Lithuania, for example, even great-grandchildren of a Lithuanian woman have the right to acquire the Lithuanian nationality. So, every case is a case.

We would be very pleased to have your case analyzed by one of our lawyers!

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Who Has Right

To find out if you have the right to dual citizenship, fill out the form and make your query through our e-mail and will be answered shortly by one of our correspondents. In the case of Europe, the nationality bond follows the principle of ius sanguinis, that is, according to family descent.