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  • Office Brazil - Av Marechal Câmara 160 grupo 1030
      Centro - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
    - Estarreja - Aveiro - Portugal

  • Talk to a consultant +55 (21) 3471-4000
    +351 915508521

About Us

The law firm Nicole Adele Kertesz, with its own headquarters in the City of Rio de Janeiro and the District of Aveiro in Portugal, together with several correspondents abroad, mainly in Portugal, for more than 20 years have joined forces to create the International Consultants.

Our primary objective is to help the Brazilian citizen with foreign descendants, to request dual citizenship, facilitating the obtaining of the required documentation, advising him during the entire process of the consulates, offices and competent registries, both in Brazil and abroad.

We also work in the field of research, locating certificates, processes of naturalization, medical records of foreigners, finally raising the entire life history of their ancestors in the city of origin and after landing in Brazilian ports.

The lawyers who make up International Consultants work in various courts in the processes of inventories, sharing, homologation of foreign judgments, purchase and sale of real estate, legalization of Brazilians who wish to reside legally in Portugal, among others.

In this way we provide the Brazilian citizen with all the necessary legal advice.

Who Has Right

To find out if you have the right to dual citizenship, fill out the form and make your query through our e-mail and will be answered shortly by one of our correspondents. In the case of Europe, the nationality bond follows the principle of ius sanguinis, that is, according to family descent.